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Really liked the mechanics, it's simple but elegant. The levels are difficult without being impossible and I like how the game teaches mechanics with gameplay. It's satisfying to beat a level. I do think the difficulty should go up a bit slower. The difficulty ramps up fast in the first couple levels and evens out. Would be nice also to see some small UI changes like a "next level" button rather than right click, a win screen at the end of the game, and effects when you collect items, open doors, or die.

It could make a great mobile games with more levels, I was just getting into it when the game ended. Good game!

Good game! It could become an actual nice mobile game. The online downside is that sometimes the spaces are to short for the player while you wait the right time to advance and you risk to die easily


Yo’, Templar here, level design is good, difficulty is just right, the square is difficult to drag in the web version, and when you drag the square outside of the screen and then back, sometimes it gets stuck going in one direction for a little while, other than that, everything’s good

yeah about the one direction thing i decided to keep it for the player as an advantage and bc idk how to fix it lol thx (also do you mean the blue guy going in 1 direction right?)

Yes, and it’s ok, just say it’s a surprise feature


Great game overall!